Yes, it’s definitely going to be something. After the purchase of the house and the period to get used to it, we set to work on shaping the guesthouse.

We demolished the bathrooms and emptied the bedrooms. Showers, washbasins, toilets, tiles and other items were ordered for the new bathrooms. For the rooms, the beds have been ordered and the floor is in. The walls can also be modified, so we are nice and busy.

The “exterior” is also being brightened up. At the pool, the walls are brightened up with straw hats from which colorful plants grow and we hung ceramics. In addition, new plants and trees (olive, orange and mango) were purchased. Also, the lighting has been adjusted so that we have a very atmospheric terrace garden.

In this way, we are constantly working and working towards the day when we can receive the first guests. Just a little more patience!