Some guests wonder how to get to us. Therefore, I give two options:

Public Transportation

Get on a plane in Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Brussels or any German airport and you’ll be flying to Malaga Airport in 3 hours. There you can get on the train to Torreblanca (25 minutes) and we can pick you up there if necessary. From there walking to our guesthouse is only 10 minutes by the way. Of course, you can also rent a car at the airport.

With your own car

We always say, “The vacation starts when you get in your car,” and that’s what makes the trip to southern Spain so wonderful. It is (depending on where you live or where you start) about 2400 km – from Brussels it is about 2100 km – and in my opinion that is quite doable. If you are in a hurry then do one or two nights, but if you want to see the trip as part of your vacation then I have a great itinerary:

We went from the Netherlands through Limburg to Liege, Bastogne and then to Reims to taste Champagne. From Reims we went straight through central France to Clermont Ferrand. Then we drove on (over the famous Puy de Dome) to Toulouse and from there through the Pyrenees to Zaragossa in Spain. From Zaragossa we headed for Madrid and made a stop in Toledo. The last day there was another stage of 375 km to Fuengirola.

Few or no toll roads and a very scenic route, and you arrive rested!